The Niger Delta Avengers and Nigeria

The type of weapons and technology in possession of the Niger Delta Avengers is reason for concern.

This week (from today June 7th, 2016) there are meetings planned in London, Buhari is not coming to London for an ear infection treatment but for a secret negotiation meeting with the Niger Delta Avengers.

Nigeria is bleeding because of the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers.

Buhari will be in London to meet with Jonathan and representatives of the British government to seek a solution for the problems in the Delta.

Five days ago Obasanjo and Jonathan advised Buhari to meet with the agitators in a neutral place away from the media.

Representatives of the Avengers suppose to be arriving London tomorrow on the invitation of the British government to be part of the peace process.

Obasanjo and some other South-South leaders are expected to join the meeting in London as well.


The meetings will not have the desired results but for more foreign stakeholders to decide that it is time to leave from Nigeria ASAP.


Circumstances - context:

A - The Niger Delta Avengers threatened to crash an airplane on Tuesday June 7th 2016. Therefore agreement to attend meetings in London could just as well be part of an entrapment.

B - Intelligence and AML investigations into the weapons and technology at the disposal of the Niger Delta Avengers revealed:

1. a connection to two Shiite Arabian oil producing countries.

2. it is alleged(!) that some components originate from North Korea.

C - Similar to Boko Haram, The Niger Delta Avengers are not expected to negotiate at all. Boko Haram's scope is changed to international and hijackings in The Gulf of Guinea will significantly increase!!


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