Al Qaeda Rwanda

Since 2011 Al Qaida has patiently increased its presence in Rwanda due to its vision and mission to economically destabilize the Magnificent 5 countries (five) in East Africa. - Alert! - Increased activity by Al Qaida directed at Rwanda, Puts a Bulls-Eye on South Korean Techies in Africa.

'it's the economy stupid!'

Al Qaeda has patiently increased presence in Rwanda since March and October 2011 when an Al Qaida traveler visited Nairobi and Kigali as part of their vision and mission to destabilize the Magnificent 5 countries in East Africa

Terrorism Africa

Al Qaeda moves towards Rwanda

Alert! - October 21, 2020    -    See Map

During 2018 and the first weeks of 2019 Surveillance, Counter Surveillance revealed Travel Patterns, Criminal Funding, Facilitators, Support, Recruitment, and Threat Levels for the Al Qaeda - ISIS Affiliates in Africa - Alert! Increased activity by Al Qaida targeting Rwanda. Puts a Bulls-Eye on (South Korean) Techies in Africa.

Many trained fighters joined the al Qaeda affiliates dedicated to the East African Magnificent 5 countries.

In recent weeks, more than 1500 fighters joined the affiliates that target Rwanda, bringing the total to an estimated 2500 soldiers for Phase I of the GSI doctrine; establishing fear and presence by random killings

Nexus Terrorism Organised Crime

Cross border organized crime in the magnificent 5 countries (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania. Rwanda and Burundi) have chosen Madagascar as a new base for their financial cooperation. Their first local spear-points during 2010 and 2011 were corruption and defrauding international NGOs in Madagascar, eventually sourcing a Nexus Terrorism Organised Crime.

Organised crime nexus terrorism in Magnificent 5 East Africa

Kigali closing Churches and Mosques

In 2018 the Rwandan government closed a couple of mosques and many small churches that had failed to comply with building safety standards or were especially started to defraud their followers! An initially small number of Christians convert to Islam. The government also aggravated the Muslim communities by forbidding loudspeakers during the call to prayer in Kigali.

Mosques Kigali Rwanda

Rwanda and Nigeria

In November 2018, it was reported that the Republic of Rwanda is to partner with Nigeria on ways to revive the public service in Nigeria, especially the North-East region. Rwanda is a large Troop and Police Contributing Country to missions in Africa. Both positions the Rwandan government as an enemy of (AQ/ISIS affiliates) Boko Haram.

Boko Haram al Qaeda ISIS

South Korean Tech Tagged with Terrorism Bulls-Eye in Africa

Rwanda has become a hub for expanding tech companies. The 2020 economic focus of Rwanda is the ICT (IT) industry. However, that industry is/was depending on the aggressive investments and workers from South Korea. Foreigners, NGO's, and foreign investments are a usual target. Still, in Kigali, the terrorism bulls-eye is placed on South Koreans as a preferred economic target that's expected to destabilize the East African region, part of al Qaida's vision and mission.

2020 Al Qaeda and ISIS 

Al Qaeda 2020 - Alert!

Al Qaeda has silently invested significantly into building an ideological base in weak African and Asian communities.

Building a social structure and capacity for impoverished communities with free education, medical and food aid.

Its support and presence trough affiliates in Africa and Asia has since 2009 quadrupled. Its main targets still are Africa's 'Magnificent 5' ; Uganda, Kenya. Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi

ISIS 2020 - Alert!

The war against the ISIS caliphate has degraded ISIS's possibilities to keep territory in Syria and Iraq.

When terror groups are forced out and no longer fight for territory, that frees resources to expand and widen their scope on the globe.

ISIS is expanding its fighting and training in Africa and Asia


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