Fraud shifts from a criminal inspired
activity into an ideology driven terror funding mechanism

"Skyrocketing Profits of Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud organizations in the US, UK, and Canada are funding Nigerian Politicians, Movements and Terrorism groups"

Nigerian 419 Funds "Movements" and Terror Groups in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Update August 2019

Since 2003 evidence links Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud (419) to terrorism.

419 Fraud has shifted from pure criminality into an ideology driven funding mechanism for terroristorganizations and their affiliates in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Synergy between Crime and Ideology in the Diaspora

Victims of 419 crime are unaware that their stolen money is used to fund terrorism. For example, these US victims paid between $7,000 and $57,000 to Boko Haram recruiters and money launderers who live in the UK.    The Shadow Where Crime Becomes Ideology - Prelude to civil war in Nigeria

Romance may not be in your future with a Boko Haram terrorist

"Since 2014, Romance 419 swindles targeting United States citizens (and others) on dating sites have been widely reported. Romance scam victims are both male and female. is the most documented connection between Romance 419 and Boko Haram, though warns its users that Nigerian 419ers use their site to troll for, and defraud victims." -   Victims of online romance scams are funding deadly Nigerian terror group

Evidence accumulates

Since 2003 there is evidence of terrorist connections and attacks in the slipstream of 419 fraud syndicates. For example, in 2008-2009 evidence directly linked 419 AFF networks to (attempted) terrorist attacks in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. 419 AFF supports both "Movements" and their action arms - terror groups.

Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud (419) scams have escalated into a matter of utmost concern!

The growing profits and expanding networks of Nigerian 419 syndicates are a game changer

Update August 2019

Profits are flowing into other crimes, terrorism, and support of Nigerian politicians in including Presidential candidates

Profits of Nigerian fraud are skyrocketing for the exponentially growing numbers of perpetrators of this endemic crime.

419 syndicates invest in recruitment and development of new fraud formats and markets. For example, 419 profits from CEO/BUSINESS EMAIL COMPROMISE (BEC) FRAUD, Romance scams, and Sextortion flow into other crimes, terrorism, and support of Nigerian politicians.

Scam activity has increased

Although there has been a decline in the use of UK company back accounts by 419 scammers, there has been a steep rise in the use of money mules and in victims of Auction, Job, and Romance fraud. For example, The UK National Fraud Authority calculated that 1 in 50 British know someone who has been the victim of a romance scam.

Remember that evidence links Romance 419ers and "the global Movement" of the Nigerian terror group Boko Haram.

Also note that in 2016 we monitored tens of millions in cash and cash card transfers from the US and Canada to Nigerian politicians and money launderers in London. Significant additional amounts were also laundered in Dubai.

419 Nigerian fraud funding terror and politicians

Security and Criminal Minds


Just how corrupt are the Nigerian security services and police?

In Nigeria, on a population of around two-hundred million, there are approximately three hundred thousand police officers, most of which are providing security and safety services to the (criminally) rich and famous.

Nigerian Military focussed on homeland security
That leaves the solving of a lot of security problems to the underpaid, underfed, and poorly equipped army.
Ruthless methods
The Military applies a cruel way of resolving security threats. Why interview suspects if you can torture them or when a problem cannot be attributed, kill everyone in sight, label the corpses as perpetrators, ransack the village and burn it down to the ground. ....



The EFCC investigates and prosecutes financial crimes. The high quality of its staff and prosecution is unmatched in Nigeria. From the start, it continuously strives to be an organization of excellence.

That said, politicians, business people, and organized crime have succeeded to structurally influence the start and outcome of specific EFCC investigations and prosecutions. (H)

"An EFCC controlled by Tinubu is an aberration."

To block and target their enemies and competitors, both politicians and business people make use of an organized crime service that streamlines the petitioning to the EFCC, often using forged documents. (H) (T) .....

All the president's women - Organised Crime Nexus Politics

All the president's women
No cabal in my govt, Buhari tells wife

Between 2007 and 2019, we monitored several suspected and convicted Nigerian fraudsters traveling on government airplanes(H)(T). Also in the entourage of Nigerian presidents on trips to the annual meetings of (not limited to!) the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, African Development Bank (AfDB) in Cote D' Ivoire and the United Nations (U.N.) in New York(H)(T). On occasion, under cover of diplomatic immunity, often supported by staff in a Nigerian embassy (H)(T). NEEDLESS TO SAY, THAT GIVES FRAUDSTERS, THE CREDIBILITY TO DEFRAUD EVEN THE MOST EXPERIENCED AND PRUDENT TARGET. (ULTRASCAN-AGI) ....

Money Laundering

Nigeria preferred transit country for traffickers

In the corrupt society of Nigeria, transnational money laundering is a necessity and on an industrious scale facilitated by many local and national governments, international banks, change offices, oil companies, in-export companies, churches, telecom, and bandwidth providers, etcetera.

During investigations within the Nexus Politics-Organized Crime-Terrorism, we recorded payments, notable from (not limited to!) Lebanon, Somalia, South-Africa for arms shipments to (not limited to!) Nigeria, Sudan, and Somalia.

Corruption – are they all genuinely corrupt, even the unborn?
its standard practice for politicians to reward loyalty and support with government contracts or jobs....


President Muhammadu Buhari

Serious health issuesThe Chinese built a clinic in a house in Abuja for him to receive Stem cell treatment.

Buhari promised Nigerians and the international community a Proceeds Of Crime law (POC) that enabled retrieving proceeds of crime and monies stolen from the coffers of the state. However, after the POC law had passed through the National Assembly, it had become apparent that it would also target many in his government, and he refused to sign a for Nigeria fundamental law.

Assassination at handshake distance - With only criminal minds around him, Boko Haram is not the only one capable and preparing for an untimely end of his presidency. …..

The First Lady Aisha Buhari - Underestimated one-woman-powerhouse

The First Lady Aisha Buhari
 Underestimated one-woman-powerhouse

Her power lies in the fact that the men in power underestimate her. They can't see past her "lack of education" and her veil. SHE IS THE MASTER REPRESENTATIVE OF "THE CABAL"

Criminal ecosystem or very fond of her privacy?
In London she prefers to rent luxury apartments.
Once her husband won the 2015 elections, business and organized crime started to court his wife for government favors. Millions in cash payments and prepaid cards were delivered.

First Lady, what's in the bag?
To pay the rent she arrived with a bag with unopened envelopes from U.S. and Canadian banks. Opened one after the other and used the cards to pay the amount in full....


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