2020 - 2024 CRISIS


The next phase
"Each wave of both pandemic, as well as a financial crisis, is more destructive. Social distancing and lockdown measures effectively halted production and services; counter pandemic measures merge with the results of the financial crash. The financial impact is life-changing, economically devastation, and creating mass dependency on the state."

Financial and Economic Crisis

Corona Pandemic and Financial Crisis

As a result of the worldwide crisis, corona pandemic, crashing of oil prices by Saudi Arabia, the economic system, a system of perpetual stimulus which pumps currency created for free into the market that relies on fast consumption, ends.

If you let it, you want it?
Social transformation and chaos intertwined. It is challenging to control the chaos. Internal and external security (satellites) redefined in this process. Politics and government as well.

A train of an industrial revolution on steroids is coming at you, a digital economic and social order.

The next phase, mass dependency on the State
Each wave of both pandemics, as well as a financial crisis, is more destructive.

The social distancing and lockdown measures effectively halted production and services; counter pandemic measures merge with the results of the financial crash.

The financial impact is life-changing, economic devastation, and creating mass dependency on the State.

World War with "New Dimensions"

A combination, pandemic, financial crash, and mass dependency is known to move towards wars.

New dimensions, nevertheless, the purpose of war is destructing to control. People in Europe who survived a war say that today feels like wartime and economic warfare against populations.

It looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it is a ....

For the world's financial institutions, IMF, Federal, and Central banks, parts of the financial crisis combined with corona safety lockdown rules and emergency laws are an opportunity to morph or shock the stressed monetary architecture into something new. 

Corona Pandemic and Financial Crisis - World War with new dimensions

Extremists Plan for Coup D'états

Fear-Based Narratives leading the public into Emergency Mode

The pandemic and financial crisis established Presence and Fear by killing or ruining at random. An opportunity for other Fear-Based Narratives leading the public into Emergency Mode. A strategy for movements to inflict immediate, radical, economic, and political change upon nations, this time initiated by government health policies.

The stock market was under steady pressure by doubts and media coverage of coronavirus worst-case scenarios. On March 8, Saudi Arabia announced to increase oil production with more than 10 million barrels a day, running the price of oil into a free fall. On the morning of Monday, March 9, the bull market was dead, confirming a recession. Days and weeks later, travel restrictions, social-distancing, and other containment policies confirmed economic disaster.

Citizens depend on their leaders, but Governments are unable to solve undefined transnational threats, deny a new normal, and de facto suspend democracy by introducing safety regulations and emergency security laws, creating mass dependency on the State. Not all countries can financially sustain government services and the financial survival of (businesses and) citizens for six months or more. If not, it's a matter of weeks before people lose trust in government, numbers, statistics, and the rule of law!


"Government continuity to crumble" Extremists, Industrial and Military adventurist count on it!

When luck strikes, piggyback and ride the waves

Extremists often have unrealistic visions and under normal circumstances, unattainable missions. No uprising, insurgency, or democratic process, seems to produce the Shock and Awe necessary to secure their missions.

Only once in a lifetime, luck strikes, a combination of desired circumstances, and an emergency mode of the public falls in their lap. Now it is just a matter to piggyback off and ride the waves.

The Nexus

Within the Nexus Ideology, Crime and Politics, extremist movements regularly assess their chances to attain their (long term) missions. When there are significant changes, they inform their members by picturing the developments within a timeline and the context of their movement.

Older assessments focussed on refugee streams, Islamization, impeachment, climate, and lesser economic crisis induced by crime, causing the possibility to enlarge the base and creating dependency.

In recent months all assessments focussed on opportunities arising from the coronavirus and financial crisis.

The current planning and timelines of the different movements have in common:

- They expect Fear and Presence already established and the public in emergency mode.
- That before July (Estimated for weeks two and three of June – calculated on June 13, 2020), it becomes apparent that government services in their target countries (areas) cease to exist. A preferred moment to get mass public support for terror attacks, Coup D'états, and civil (war) disobedience. 

The (century-old) dreams of left and right-wing extremists in Italy, and Spain are to grow their base exponentially when continuity of government crumbles. Such long term narratives befit most countries.

Even in the United States, government continuity is at risk within months!

Government services cease to exist In the emerging economies (not limited to!), Venezuela, Argentina, and Ukraine allowing for military, organized crime, neighboring countries, and political extremists to stage a coup.

In outsider Turkey also ideological extremists from Daesh stage a Coup D'état

Something that terror organizations could not achieve, Fear and Presence, is established by the corona and financial crisis. The public is in Emergency Mode, and government services cease to exist in large parts of Turkey. 

Turkey Technically Bankrupt

The coronavirus pandemic deepened the crisis and triggered a plunge in currency value and foreign revenue.

Technically bankrupt 

With this year, $170 billion debt due. And issues like with the state-run Halkbank evading sanctions on Iran. Turkey is technically insolvent and scrambling to avoid default. Seeking relief for its financial obligations (China?) will only delay President Erdogan's moral bankruptcy and the breaking up of the country.

In any case, something that terror organizations could not achieve, Fear and Presence, is established by the corona and financial crisis. The public is in Emergency Mode, and government services cease to exist in large parts of Turkey.

The greater threat

Revolutionary armed gangs with exclusive ideologies target civilian groups to a greater degree than those that are hybrids of organised crime gangs and terrorists, part time terrorists but full time criminals such as the 'ndrangheta who supplied passports to the Madrid al-Qaeda cell in exchange for heroin and cocaine. Who then inflicted the Madrid train bombings leading to Spain withdrawing from Iraq. They consider themselves to have a greater degree of understanding than 'inclusive' groups engaging in 'legitimate' targeting. This makes them a greater threat because they seek to legitimise civilian fatalities 'for the greater good' or because it helps them to reach their goals quicker.

Terror nexus crime money 2020 NIGERIA THE SPLIT PDF


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